In Order of Appearance

video, silent

22 min

2013 - ongoing

A 22-minute long image depicting a silent list of scrolling names.

This picture is a polar analog to my filmed images which feature live action scenes of the social present. The full mystery of persons and strangers and lived lives are here concentrated in a list of names whose only sensory quality is the linguistic diversity within and between each name.

Though generated 'at random', the names and order have been composed carefully. Given name and surname were selected from running three unrelated web-based random name generators, sorted by gender and separate strands of linguistic, ethnic, or geographic groups (e.g. Dutch, Khmer, Iranian, Slovak). Final composition of a name was chosen between these results, and each subsequent name was determined in relation to the preceding name. I have tried to create a landscape of names wherein one could wander and wonder things like who they might be, what association they have with each other, why they are being named, credited, announced or remembered.

This piece is best experienced as a wall projection in a dark and quiet space.
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